What 123 Dyno Offers

123 Dyno extends past the Heroku concept of simplicity in single target M95 autoscaling and adds critical tools and monitoring to intelligently manage load.

The Immediate Benefits

12x Autoscaling Speed Increase

Don't lose customers during the periods they are most interested. It can take Heroku up to 60 seconds to trigger an autoscaling event, leading to slow servers under load. Autoscale within seconds of traffic spikes and keep up with as short as 5 second scaling intervals, faster than Heroku or any other add-on.

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Intelligent Savings

Save the most possible by only autoscaling for the compute power needed, with the ability to autoscale on shared dynos and via a method that fits your application. Gain tools to view what your dynos can do, at what cost, and custom tune your stack for a balance between cost and robustness.

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Consistent Response Time Autoscaling

Autoscale by a defined range you want your application to be in with critically improved response time autoscaling only available via 123 Dyno on Heroku.

Improved Response Time Autoscaling That Cuts Your Bill

Just want to see it in action?
Launch a production ready Strapi Headless CMS instance with the ability to scale effortlessly and cost effectively in a button click.
It gets conservatively 800 req/s on a Standard-1x Dyno.
The site blog and system status feed run on it.

Read More: View the Strapi Heroku Button ReadMe


Controllable Goldilocks Autoscaling

Define the metric ranges your app should be in, downscale when metrics fall below that range and upscale when metrics increase past them instantaneously. Common defaults included, with options for autoscaling speed and sample windows.

Web URL Blocklist

Response time autoscaling is dependent on accurate response times, long running paths triggering autoscaling when they shouldn't. 123 Dyno adds the option for a web URL blocklist, removing outlier URLs from calculation to gain autoscaling efficiency.

CPU Load Autoscaling

Autoscale via CPU load instead of response times to gain maximum value for each dynos compute power. This is important for most non-blocking IO services like Tornado and Node.js that usually have bottlenecks in other parts of the stack.

Worker Process Autoscaling

123 Dyno extends Heroku with CPU and Memory autoscaling to worker dynos, opening new doors of on-demand computation power on Heroku, no code required at all.

Extended DevOps Dashboard

Each app responds to load uniquely, 123 Dyno gives full view of the situation for quick DevOps. Take in response times, queue times, longest running paths, CPU load, and memory utilization to quickly pinpoint issues with your dyno and resolve them.

Extended Load Alerting

Get out of your cyberpunk routine and gain a new sense of your application under load with configurable email alerts for any of the available metrics and dyno quantities. Automatically monitor your app so you can spend more time developing and less time on DevOps.

Transparent Logs

123 Dyno offers transparent raw metric and autoscaling logs so you can see exactly how the autoscaling is working. If you have any requirements, want to partner, or need support you can contact a real person at [email protected].

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