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April 25 2023 05:57 pm

Beta plans will be disabled May 9th

Upgrade to a paid plan to continue autoscaling and alerting via 123 Dyno.

January 20 2023 02:49 pm

Resolved: Alerting bug

Alerting bug due to edge case at minimum capacity dynos has been resolved.

January 20 2023 01:26 pm

Bug: Alerting Downtime

An occasional alerting bug has been found in M95 alerts and is being looked into.

January 19 2023 01:19 pm

Preliminary pricing information

Visit the pricing page for more information on pricing as 123 Dyno approaches general availability.

December 23 2022 01:00 pm

The URL blocklist feature has been moved to the autoscaling tab.

December 09 2022 09:07 am

Path specific analytics are currently out of service, more updates will be posted here.

December 06 2022 05:04 am

Historical/UI response time issue resolved

Historical/UI data is online, query times may be longer for larger customers. This issue should self resolve by tomorrow.

December 06 2022 02:40 am

Historical/UI analytics data

Historical/UI analytics data is down, this does not effect autoscaling. Updates to follow on resolution.

November 30 2022 10:37 am

UI & Historical Analytics

Maintenance finished, thank you for your patience further critical infrastructure alerts will also arrive via email. Occasional login errors also patched and resolved.

November 30 2022 10:06 am

UI & Historical Analytics

UI and historical analytics data will be down for maintenance the next 30 minutes, this should not effect autoscaling but may have an effect on alerts for some users.