Completely Configurable Autoscaling

Gain complete control of your formation with the widest array of knobs and levers available. 123 Dyno gives you the tools to tune autoscaling for any situation and introduces worker autoscaling for compute heavy workloads.

Available For

Web & Worker Dynos

Autoscaling for Standard, Performance, Shield, & Private Dynos

Load Monitoring for all Dynos tiers including Eco and Basic

Available Autoscaling Metrics

M95 Response Time

Max Response Time

Avg Response Time

Max Queue Time

Avg Queue Time

Max CPU Load

Avg CPU Load

Memory Utilization

Autoscaling Controls

Configurable Goldilocks Threshold Range

Seperate Upscaling and Downscaling Configuration

Static & Dynamic Scaling Speeds

Path Pruning From Response Time Scaling Calculation

Adjustable Autoscaling Intervals from 60s to 5s

DevOps Monitoring

Monitor how your dyno formation moves under increased load

DevOps Monitoring

Monitor how your dyno formation moves under increased load

123 Dyno understands nuance and gives full view of the situation to DevOps decision makers. Take in response times, queue times, longest running paths, dyno CPU load, and memory utilization to quickly pinpoint issues with your dyno and resolve them.

Have syncronous apps running on concurrent threads?
Monitor queue times and adjust to what each dyno can comfortably manage before queuing up requests on frameworks like Rails and Django.

Have non-blocking I/O applications on event loop?
Monitor request times, path response times, and load to understand where the bottlenecks in your application are. Async event loops engines like Node.js and Tornado are less susceptible to queuing up requests.

Lose Less Customers To Slow Servers.
Install in Minutes.

Server Responsiveness

Faster Autoscaling,
Faster Page Load Speed

Heroku offers 60 second scaling intervals meaning dyno formations will only scale every 60 seconds. In the case of a load spike or change in traffic, autoscaling can take this entire time period before it adjusts. Leading to slow response times, overloaded dynos, and lost customers.

123 Dyno offers adjustable autoscaling intervals as fast as a 5 seconds short, scaling triggering immediately when set thresholds are crossed. This means apps with 123 Dyno respond to traffic quicker keeping your app responsive to increasing load spikes and whatever is thrown at it.

Want to verify for yourself?
123 Dyno offers completely transparent logs for all metrics and scaling events in dashboard.

DevOps Alerting

Stay Connected With Extended
Email Load Alerting

Alert Email
DevOps Alerting

Stay Connected With Extended
Email Load Alerting

Gain a new sense of your application under load with configurable load alerts for web and worker dynos for any of the available metrics as well as dyno formation quantities. Gain a tool to monitor metrics so you can spend more time developing.

Intelligent Savings

Intelligent Savings

123 Dyno gives you the tools to view how your dynos respond to load, discover what they can do, and at what cost. View application bottlenecks and custom tune your scaling to make the most out of your resources. Saving you the most amount of money possible with scaling fit to enviorment.

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